Collection Itawa

Melamine with a hybrid microtexture or false unicolor design, inspired by the characteristics of microcements, with a light rusticity and a worn appearance in a range of warm gray colours.

  • 1.83 x 2.44m
  • ST
  • RH

*The Corium and Terra finishes are available from 15 mm

  • Available in BeLine(carb2) (On request)
Check available edgebanding here

F. etym. muisca next Rounded and smoothed stone by the force of the waters The term is also used to refer to the limits of a land.

Name that the Muiscas gave to the stones of the rivers. It means 'rounded and smoothed stone by the force of the waters', that is, what we know as 'pebble'.

Tihua is a hybrid microtexture or faux unicolor design. Inspired by the natural, smooth and grainy characteristics of micro-cements with a light rusticity and worn appearance, in a palette of light and warm gray tones.

It works, especially, in vertical coverings, kitchen finishes, and contrasts in combinations with more refined woods, stones or textiles. Combine it with our LUNA or TERRA finishes to enhance its mineral characteristics to the touch.

Ideal for spaces that seek to generate a feeling of well-being with a warm minimalism and prefer to move away from a traditional look.

More stable density makes it have homogeneous physical-mechanical properties.

Better behavior and grip of the screw.

Greater resistance to weight and greater stability to buckling.

Easily recyclable MDP.

The MDP is perfect for applying paints and adhesives for lamination processes.

MDP is more resistant to insect attack than natural wood.

Better behavior in humid environments.

Application on large surfaces and good performance in straight applications.

Impact resistence.

* Melamines with antibacterial additive

Abrasion resistance 500 cycles approx. Based on NTC 2809 standard

Variety of designs and textures.

Different thicknesses.

  • High stability to sunlight.
  • Due to its higher density, it has high dimensional stability and high load support.
  • Resistance to condensation by dew and drizzle
  • Due to its wood-based structure, it works as acoustic insulation
  • Help maintain indoor environmental quality by offering thermal comfort

Installation instructions:

  • Your veneer process must guarantee that the edges are sealed with a rigid edge of at least 2mm and PUR-type glue.

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