We are pioneers in Latin America in the reuse of pre-consumer and post-consumer urban wood under a circular economy model.
We are leaders in design, we have a portfolio of avant-garde designs that are complemented by unique three-dimensional finishes that give melamines greater realism and tactility. Colombia is our greatest source of inspiration for our designs, we use native woods and local designs.
We are a 100% Colombian company, we are inspired by the majestic geography, culture, and its people to create our collections interpreting global trends in the local context.
We have educational programs for our stakeholders, where we make known the importance of recycling and the circular economy in our production process, as well as good practices with our material and interior design trends.

We are a 100% Colombian company that produces raw MDP and melamine chipboard.

We are the renaissance of wood, we transform urban wood through our circularity process using up to 60% recycled wood, regenerating it in our production process, to give it a new life.

We are leaders in design and we have a wide portfolio of melamines and finishes in line with the global trend adapted to the local market.



La vida primero
Life first
We feel good
Innovamos constantemente
We constantly innovate
We thought it over
Actuamos con  responsabilidad
We act responsibly
We do it right


Juntos somos más
Together we are more
We work as a team exchanging knowledge and experiences to add value and achieve extraordinary results.
Todos somos champions
we are all champions
We are experts in what we do, being an example of excellence, commitment and tenacity in obtaining results that transcend and leave their mark.
Nos apasiona servir
We are passionate about serving
We provide solutions that leave a mark on the minds and hearts of our clients.